The Gerewol Festival: Not Your Typical Beauty Pageant

The Gerewol Festival is a spectacular beauty pageant that celebrates the beauty of the male Wodaabe cattle herders. They dress themselves in tall hats, make-up, and elegant gowns. Click here to read more!


Biohacking Unearthed

Artwork By Sofia Cabral Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be a superhero? Well, this dream might become a potential...

How Hypnosis Works

Do Ghosts Exist?

The Demons in Your Head

Business and Economics

War, What Is It Good For? Chocolate

Lara Güven Artwork By Esther Bret When I was 9 years old, my parents took me and my brother on a trip to New York....

Absolutely Brilliant Times

ABT – Grandmas on Trains, Crash Bandicoot and more..

Absolutely Brilliant Times By: Paula Gonzalez, Manuela Camarero & Yosra Kok Main Travel Coupé: a trip down memory lane… #Culture It’s not news that the Dutch are working...


Collective Action – A Global Pipe Dream

Artwork By Malak Abouelenein We (the western world) live in a society that pushes for communal effort while hindering the community.  The idea of the community...

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